Cía. La Líquida
Author, performer and stage direction David García-Intriago
Live music Santiago Vockram violin. Cover María Prado

Appetizer Besos Barrocos (cheese with grapes)
Main course Stewed veal casserole in Oloroso sauce with browned potatoes
Water, wine, aloja and bread

1.30 h (w/out intermission)  Humor and live music. Capacity 48 people.

Ellas de oro is a funny, curious and exciting insight of the freest and most cultivated women of their time, of their empire-building grammar, of the silly ladies who were not that silly, of that cramped gallery transformed into the gods and pits, of the silent language of those who could not speak, of the characters who spoke on their behalf and of the prohibitions for doing so, of the education that breaks chains and of the ineffable magic of the stage. 
If comedians have always had a complicated existence, imagine female comedians during Spain’s Golden Age… The possible options were to be a wife, a slut or a nun. But there was one more: actress, scraping out a living, but free! “Theatre is a harmful vice! Licentious people are those who make a living in courtyard theatres and along roads! But those women… those women… more so those women! A dangerous example for the gods!”
David García-Intriago, a contemporary jongleur, buffoon, with a direct and overwhelming style, full of contrasts, founded La Líquida in 2013 to create comedy shows with live music, interaction with the audience and real true acting through laughter. Since it was founded, La Líquida has produced Oh Vino (2013), Hambre (2017) Bacanal (2019) and Museum (2020).

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