This programme regulates and establishes the discounts currently offered by the theatre as they apply to different groups, whenever permitted by the show.

    An appointment must be arranged through the email address
    Applications will be handled at:
    CCAPA - Centro de Cultura Activa Pedro Aparicio
    (Ramos Marin, 3 - basement of Teatro Cervantes). 
    The cost of the card is 5 €.
    Who can request the “Tarjeta 50%” and requirements to obtain it:
    Persons with functional diversity. 
    Its use is extended to the accompanying person in the event the disabled person is
    entitled thereto by law (+65%).
    DNI [Spanish identity card] and card or certificate specifying the percentage.
    Pensioners and retirees 
    DNI [Spanish identity card] and document proving the person is retired or a pensioner.
    DNI [Spanish identity Card] and updated document of evidence as a jobseeker.
  • Primary schools, secondary schools and music schools (Groups) - 50%
    (Check with the Promotion Department)
  • 'Amigos del Teatro Cervantes' Association (AATC) - 20%
  • Cultural associations (groups) - 20%
    (Check with the Promotion Department)
  • Young people - 40%
    Holders of Young Card of any of the Administrations with competence in this matter and student card of the three official centers of artistic education: Conservatorio Superior de Musica, Conservatorios Profesional y Superior de Danza and Escuela Superior de Arte Dramatico.


  • Discounts will be applied in areas A, B and C and to a number of specific seats. 
  • You can view the seats with discounts here (Capacity (PDF) in Spanish).
  • Discounts are only applied to the purchase of the seats (whenever permitted by the show) until the day before the performance.
  • Tickets with a discount can only be purchased permitted at the box offices of the Cervantes and Echegaray theatre, and not by Internet or through telephone sales.
  • There are no discounts for single-price shows. 
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