Pentación Espectáculos and Teatro Español
By Luis Luque, based on The House of Bernarda Alba by Federico García Lorca
With Lolita
Stage direction Luis Luque

1.10 h (w/out intermission)

photo ©Javier Naval

“This text is based on the interventions of Poncia, a character in Garcia Lorca’s play. I have recovered them and converted them in reflections, soliloquies, dialogues with ghosts and shadows. This way, a new point of view appears inside the house. She speaks following the shock produced by Adela’s suicide. Everything happens after her death.
Poncia’s tongue is let loose in a place and at a time forbidden for words. Poncia settles accounts with the inhabitants who survive. We discover her affection for the youngest daughter, she defends her: “A brave woman has died”, she says, and she blames herself for not having done more.
Poncia has always fascinated me more than any other character of the house of Bernarda Alba. The characters of the maids enclose an interesting enigma: they are witnesses of their masters’ vicissitudes, they know the truth of what goes on inside homes and possess the hidden philosophy of the working class.
Poncia speaks of suicide, freedom, guilt, class, education and sex. And she speaks with the full force of a voice that has been mistreated and silenced. The soul of ‘Poncia’ opens up to insist on the need to transmit to others the idea of loving each other in freedom.”  Luis Luque

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