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Producciones Teatrales Contemporáneas
Written by Benoit Solès, inspired by the book by Hugh Whitemore, Breaking the code, based in turn on Alan Turing: The enigma, by Andrew Hodges    
Adaptation and stage direction Claudio Tolcachir
With Daniel Grao y Carlos Serrano

1.15 h (w/out intermission)

photo ©Javier Naval

Manchester, the winter of 1952. Following a robbery in his house, Professor Turing files a complaint at the police station. This man cannot escape from the secret services: Alan Turing is the person who deciphered “Enigma”, the Nazi code that the Germans used during the war to encode their messages. Little by little Sergeant Ross, who is in charge of the investigation, discovers an atypical and endearing man who becomes his friend. Marked by the death of his childhood friend Christopher, Alan Turing will finally be sentenced for his homosexuality and will end his life, like Snow White, eating a poisonous apple…
Here is the extraordinary destiny of a genius who unfairly remained in the shadows and who was squashed by the conservative machinery of England in the 1950’s. A man who had changed the world!
History is unjust. Posterity tries to not be like that, but can we be sure that it does not create new injustices?  

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