Tour Esencia 2019


[Essence Tour 2019]

Pablo Milanes voice and guitar
Ivonne Tellez piano
Caridad R. Varona cello

1.30 h (w/out intermission)

Pablo Milanés, one of the main singer-songwriters in Spanish, has been touring with Esencia since mid-2018, in which he brings together his classics “Para vivir”, “Ya ves”, “Yolanda”, “Si ella me faltara alguna vez”,  “El breve espacio en que no está”, etc. and other more recent songs that reveal his capacity to continue to create after five decades of singing and songwriting.
Pablo’s musical versatility, together with the influence of traditional popular Cuban and American music, has converted him into an artist capable of expressing himself through different genres, including bolero, jazz, son, and his unmistakable trova.

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