Dramaturgy and choreography Jaiotz Osa
Performers and direction Jaiotz Osa and Xabier Mujika

50 min (w/out intermission)  Contemporary dance

Photo ©Mariló Miguez

“When you are at the top of a building you may suddenly feel the urge to jump out into the void; or to jump onto the train tracks just before a train appears. This second in which you suddenly think of holding someone's hand; or the idea of caressing his/her face. These seconds that are so frightening; instants full of vertigo.”    Osa+Mujika

Osa+Mujika is the sum of the creative worlds of dance and set/costume design, and whose objective is to narrate visual stories; to give them form and meaning and stage them at the level of movement and in audio-visual format.

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