ProduccionesOff and Vania
Text Steven Berkoff
Adaptation Benjamin Prado
With Maru Valdivielso and Pedro Casablanc
Stage direction Pedro Casablanc

1.40 h (w/out intermission)

photo ©Sergio Parra ©Lau Ortega

Hand programme (ESP)

“A hilarious text that pinches and pricks, that freezes laughter and laughs off worries at the rhythm of swing, false elegance, immense impudence and powerful attraction.”  Mario Gas
In the words of Benjamín Prado, who adapted the text, Decadencia is a caustic, provocative piece that pursues and corners the audience, often obliging it to laugh so as not to cry. The main characters, two couples comprising three aristocrats and a parasite, who aspires to take advantage of their weaknesses. They are class-conscious racists, frivolous and heartless; they are hypocrites; trivial and selfish; they act like predators; (…) and above all, they are unhappy, they are empty even though they have everything they need, and only find pleasure through pain, abuse and humiliation. And when it comes to avenging an infidelity, they do not hesitate to fleece the traitor and commit a crime… Steven Berkoff is a magician of black humour and this play is a mirror and an X-ray: the mirror reflects what our societies conceal behind closed doors; the X-ray shows the moral disease that affects us all.

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