NOTICE. Start brought forward to 4:00 p.m.
Tickets already purchased for the show will be used for the new schedule.
Spectators who do not wish to attend this show send an email to requesting a refund, which will be processed automatically as soon as service conditions make this possible.
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Pentación Espectáculos, Milonga and El Niño
Author Paolo Genovese
Version David Serrano and Daniel Guzmán
With Inge Martin, Juan Carlos Vellido, Alex Barahona, Olivia Molina, Elena Ballesteros, Bart Santana and Ismael Fritschi
Stage direction Daniel Guzman

1.30 h (w/out intermission)
Hand programme (ESP)

Adaptation of the 2016 Italian film, of which Alex de la Iglesia made a very successful remake. Seven long-time friends (three couples and a bachelor] meet for dinner. One of them proposes a game: to share all their SMSs and phone calls in the course of the evening. Do any of them have anything to hide? Shall we play?
Alternating between drama and comedy, outrageously amusing and dramatic scenes, each player’s secrets are revealed. By the end of the evening nothing will ever be the same as before; the friends have discovered that in fact…they were perfect strangers. 

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