[An Ideal Husband]
Secuencia 3

Author Oscar Wilde
Version Eduardo Galan
With Juanjo Artero, Ana Arias, Carles Francino, Candela Serrat and Ania Hernández
Stage direction Juan Carlos Perez de la Fuente

1.30 h (w/out intermission)
photography ©Pedro Gato

Sir Robert Chiltern, Minister of Foreign Affairs, brilliant politician and exemplary gentleman, is the best husband for his wife Lady Chiltern. In society they appear as the perfect couple. However, this harmony is menaced when Mrs. Cheveleu blackmails the husband, threatening to reveal the murky origins of his political career, his fortune and his marriage. Cornered, Sir Robert Chiltern asks his intelligent and elegant friend Lord Arthur Goring for advice. This version of Oscar Wilde’s play offers a criticism of our times from a not-so-distant past. Unfortunately, corruption and falsehood are intrinsically linked to human nature.

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