[The Problem]
Talycual Producciones S.L., La Alegría Producciones and Txalo Producciones
Author and stage direction Juan Carlos Rubio
With Kiti Mánver, Cristóbal Suárez and Marta Velilla

1.20 h (w/out intermission)

photo ©Sergio Parra

Luis always liked this neighbourhood. You can tell that it’s a “nice” area. And the truth is that he is a “nice” young man. The apartment that the real estate agent proposes satisfies all of his requirements: low price, ample, a lot of light and a beautiful view of the mountains. There is only one little “problem”: the owner of the apartment is going to stay there until the day of her (imminent) death. Lola (who is sixty-five years old) has had two heart operations, and will definitely not live for long. Above all if she continues to smoke a pack of cigarettes every day and drink everything within her reach. Yes, Luis decides to go ahead, buy the apartment and wait and see…But we all know that events do not always unfold as planned.
100 m2, the text on which this play is based, was first staged in 2009 in Miami, and has since been performed all over the world. In 2020, the film adaptation, called El inconveniente, was premiered at the Malaga Film Festival. Directed by Bernabé Rico, with the leading roles played by Kiti Mánver, Juana Acosta and Carlos Areces, it won three Biznaga awards (including Best Actress for Kiti Mánver). It also had three nominations to the Goya Awards, and to the Feroz and Forqué Awards as well.

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