[[Ulysses’ journey]
Teatro Gorakada

Collective creation on a text by Julio Salvatierra based on Homero
Stage direction Jose Carlos Garcia
With Aritza Rodriguez, Eriz Alberdi, Fran Lasuen and Javi Tirado
Composition and musical direction Fran Lasuen

1.00 h Actors theatre. From 7 years
FETEN 2019 Award to the Best Show
Show recommended by the artistic commission of the Spanish Network of Public Theatres, Auditoriums, Circuits and Festivals. 

The Greek gods lived on Mount Olympus and governed over human beings. Those who dared to defy them were victims of their ire, like Ulysses. After offending Poseidon by blinding his son Polyphemus, Ulysses was forbidden to return to Ithaca and obliged to navigate without any course around the Mediterranean. The story of Ulysses is the story of a journey as a metaphor of life, of the struggle against difficulties and how they are resolved. A journey full of unique vicissitudes, and of shared games in which each act, each scene is a universe of its own. We can ask Ulysses to let us follow him as he searches for his Ithaca, with the hope that we will also find ours. Long live the Greek hero!

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