l Cervantes, yes, safe l 


Pepe Torregrosa lead voice
Antonio Aguilar drums
Daniel Garry bass
Agustín Sánchez electric guitar 
Miguel Ángel Pérez acoustic guitar
Daniel Lozano keyboards
Agustín Carrillo flute and saxophone 
Manolo Toro percussion
and guest artists

1.30 h (w/out intermission)

Jarrillo Lata has become in its own right one of the most relevant bands in Andalusia, following in the footsteps of Tabletom and Danza Invisible. For more than a decade the group has been performing on stage, where it feels completely disinhibited, generous and at its best. Its ample repertoire includes rock, reggae, funk and of course flamenco: musical styles which provide the framework for pieces that speak in a casual yet profound manner about living, with the premise that life is much too important to take seriously. Pure divertimento.

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