Brand new day


Helena Amado soprano voice
Paula Padilla contralto voice and ukelele
Marcos Padilla tenor voice and acoustic guitar
Matías Comino guitars and banjo
Camilo Bosso double-bass
Pablo Cabra drums and percussions 

1.30 h (w/out intermission)

photo ©Juan Luis Morilla

A new day is dawning for O Sister! (and everything seems to indicate that it will be a good day).
After a 15-year career, the sisters are happy to present their sixth album, Brand New Day, with a sense of rebirth. Rather than starting from scratch, they are finding themselves again, recognising themselves in this organic way of conceiving music and their fruitful relationship, which has allowed them to evolve naturally as a group. In fact, spontaneity permeates this new album: twelve original compositions that are a sign of hope in these times of uncertainty and discouragement, that defend the idea that everything can be new under the sun if we refresh our gaze, and also entail a (re)return to the roots.
The sextet based in Seville has developed a rich repertoire of original compositions and a very special style of their own. They have poured their musical memory into a strong involvement with the present, combining in their aesthetics a genuine jazz tradition with many other influences –from Latin American music to pop, blues or lounge– that are open to the diverse and global context of these new 1920’s. A style free of restraints, without insecurities or disguise that they present with their passion intact in an explosive live performance that seeks both exquisiteness and emotion.

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