60 years


Emiliano Brancciari voice and guitar
Martín Gil trumpet
Denis Ramos trombone
Mauricio Ortiz saxophone
Diego Bartaburu drums
Pablo Coniberti guitar
Guzmán Silveira bass
Francisco Nasser keyboard

2.30 h (s/i)

The Uruguayan band No Te Va Gustar is celebrating its musical history with a long international tour that promises to be a milestone in its career and a reencounter with its fans..
In the course of three decades, from their initial presentation very early on a cold morning in 1994 at the Plaza Alto Perú to the present-day concerts for hundreds of thousands of spectators, the world has changed a lot, from the way we communicate to the way we produce and consume music. What has not changed is the power of these songs that go straight to the heart and become part of the soundtrack of our lives.
The international tour ‘30 Years’ of NTVG will include concerts throughout Latin America and part of Europe. The show will be specially designed to pay tribute to the powerful, precise and refined pieces that have marked several generations, to rock fused with reggae, folk, murga and ska, the influences of each member of the band, to camaraderie, which is the foundation of their success, and above all, to the unswerving support of the passionate followers that have accompanied them throughout this incredible journey.
NTVG will celebrate its history the way it does best: on stage.

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