La guapería



Zenet voice
Jose Taboada guitar
Manuel Machado trumpet
Moises Porro drums
Pepe Rivero piano
Raul Marquez violin
Uve Larsson trombone
Toño Miguel double bass

1.40 h (w/out intermission)

fotografía ©Agustín Escámez

Zenet is back with La guapería, which is much more than a new record: it is an exquisite revision of old, obscenely beautiful Cuban boleros that were sang by the iconic voices of Bola de Nieve, Olga Guillot, Nelson Pinedo and Marta Valdés, amongst other great bolero singers.

The ‘resoluteness’ with which Zenet tackles these songs goes beyond the gallant bravura that defines the Spanish word “guapería” as Cubans understand it: an attitude that is challenging yet convinced and convincing; the street image of a superior and definite presence. This is how Zenet proceeds through emphatic texts, complex harmonies and contagious rhythms, without dodging their original essence but bringing them up to the present, right now, with a halo of modernity, a personal style and even a touch of something you never expect but that happens when Zenet decides to sing.

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