The drummers of Japan

The drummers of Japan

Jhonetsu ‘Passion’

Founder and artistic director Masa Ogawa
Performers Akiko Ogawa, Mika Miyazaki, Tomoko Kawauchi, Marika Nito, Saori Higashi, 
Gen Hidaka, Jun Kato, Kenta Ono, Masaya Futaki, Naoki Ekihiro, Nene Miura and Jo Nakamura

2.00 h (w/intermission)

The Japanese ensemble of taiko (“large drum”) drummers is on tour with its new show Passion. In order to satisfy the level required for each performance, members of Yamato must have very strict discipline, extraordinary physical fitness and passion (absolutely essential to bring this all together) extracted from their bodies and spirit to bring onstage this emotional, energetic and explosive exhibition of the taiko tradition, the Japanese art of percussion, the first evidence of which dates back to 588.

Yamato was founded in 1993 in Nara, Japanese town where Japanese culture is said to originate, from  where they travel all over the world with their peculiar concerts of drums, some weighing more than 500 kg.  

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