La estación del momento


Zenet voice
José Atero guitar
Manuel Machado trumpet
Raúl Márquez violin
Lila Horovitz double-bass
Kumar Sublevao bases and programming
Aaron Pozón saxophone

1.30 h (w/out intermission)

photo ©Marta Aguilar Cerezo

By now Zenet is a “sound” in itself, who reappears in every new record like a different Zenet. Creator of a unique style and recognisable voice, like all special artists he converts all the genres he plays into his own. As a committed multitalented artist, Zenet experiments with the curiosity of someone free from chains and comforts. It is precisely that risk and freshness that give his compositions such a personal and unique character.
La estación del momento is his new, luminous work. Accompanied in the musical production by Kumar Sulevao Beat, a Cuban musician with roots in hip hop, Zenet experiments with a new palette of colours. Without ceasing to be himself, he integrates electronics at the service of his style, which very cohabitates very naturally with his references to jazz and R&B.
An essential artist of the last decade with five published records, several musical awards and international tours, Zenet has succeeded in creating his own language that stems from jazz and aims to look for and perform with different styles – fado, tango, swing, Cuban music and Spanish copla- but always with a unique and unrepeatable sound and personality.

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