Compañía de Antonio de Verónica y Saray Cortés


Compañía de Antonio de Verónica y Saray Cortés

Flamenco dancers Antonio de Veronica, Saray Cortes and ‘La Salinera’
Flamenco singers Carmina Cortes and Salva Cortes 
Guitarrs Salva de Maria and Miguel Cortes  
Percussion Juan Utrera

1.30 h (w/out intermission)

photo ©Pablo Gestoso Ramos

Zambomba flamenca at Christmas time is the common expression of traditional Andalusian emotions through flamenco dancing. The zambomba originated in family gatherings and in the common courtyards where they shared, in a very spontaneous manner, food, songs with popular lyrics, dancing and hand clapping. This way Andalusian Christmas carols come to life adapted to the different styles of flamenco, such as bulerías, tangos, rumbas, etc. 
The staging, the art and passion of the gypsy families who share their common feelings about the Christmas festivities are the true reflection of an ancestral tradition transformed into joy to celebrate their love for the new born baby Jesus. 
The Company of Antonio de Verónica and Saray Cortés finds is rooted in the tradition of flamenco art and in an absolute command of its purest techniques.

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