Mujeres de música


[Women of music]

Sole Gimenez voice
Ivan Cebrian guitar
Gito Maleta piano
Yelsy Heredia bass
Kiki Ferrer drums
Phil Skillman violin
Melissa Castillo viola
Irene Rouco cello
Miki Molina first violin

1.15 h (w/out intermission)

Sole Gimenez speaks out for women authors, to name them, to bring them out into the open, to give them visibility, to sing about them and to infuse new life to their work. With this objective, she brings together the talent of Spanish creators and of an exquisite selection of Latin American artists. A concert tribute with songs that are part of our memory.   
Sole Giménez is one of the most valued and personal of Spanish and Latin American voices. For twenty-three years she was the singer and composer of the group Presuntos Implicados, which she founded with her brother Juan Luis. In 2006 she decided to start a musical career on her own with the firm intention of finding and recreating beauty and bringing the best music to life.  

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