Concert: RETRO MOSMA 80

Concert: RETRO MOSMA 80

'Bicycles, treasure maps and aliens – Tribute to Robert Folk' 

Malaga Symphonyc Orchestra
Conductors Joan Martorell, Oscar Senen and Robert Folk

'The Last Starfighter' - Craig Safan
'Ghostbusters' - Elmer Bernstein
'Explorers' - Jerry Goldsmith
'The Goonies' - Dave Grusin
'Batteries Not Included' - James Horner
Karate Kid - Bill Conti
'Gremlins' - Jerry Goldsmith
Suite – The Electronic Eighties: includes 'Big Trouble in Little China', 'Flight of the Navegator',
'Tron' and 'Inside the Labyrinth'.
Blade Runner Reimaginado by Sergio de la Puente
– –
Tribute to Robert Folk – MOSMA Award 
'The Neverending Story 2'
'There Be Dragons'
'Ace Ventura: When Nature Calls'
‘Toy Soldiers'
'Police Academy”

1.40 h (w/intermission)

The decade of the 80’s marked an entire generation: a generation convinced that some pirates had hidden the map of a treasure in our neighborhood, that if you wet certain living beings they would multiply, and that Kings of darkness with the face of David Bowie existed. Some of the best soundtracks were written during that decade, one of whose greatest composers was without a doubt Robert Folk.

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