R.E.A Danza
Danza Málaga 2020


Following acceptance by the health authorities of the risk assessment report drafted on occasion of the Danza Málaga programme, the seating capacity at the Teatro Cervantes for all the shows of this dance series has been increased to 460 persons. The new invitations for 'Broken Tango 2.0’ will be available through all the Teatro Cervantes and Cine Albéniz channels as of Tuesday 20th October at 11:00 am.

Choreography Diego Arias
Idea and direction Diego Arias and Jupa Arias
Dancers Ximena Carnevale, Mercedes Angel, Esther Medina, Nuria Estebanez, Jupa Arias, Diego Arias, Nacho Fortes and Rodrigo Martinez
Actors Norma Garcia and Juan Arias
Arrangements and musical director Juan Baca
Proyecto Tamgú - Lorenzo Triviño violin, Luz Prado violin, Nicolas Angel Leguizamon guitar, Mariano Gonzalez Birqui bandoneon
Juan Ramon Veredas piano and Juan Carlos Fernandez Baca double bass
Singers Gaby Loria and Ernesto Sanchez
Guest artists Norma García, Juan Domingo Arias, German Lazcano, Enrique Guerrero, Basilia Gatell Abre and Eulalia Gatell Abre

1.50 h (w/out intermission)

photo ©Pedro Ariza

Like a tango broken by lies, fractured by artificial human relationships, feelings and emotions  prefabricated by society; such is life in a brothel in Buenos Aires at the beginning of the 20th century.
Broken Tango 2.0 feeds on the purest and darkest essence of the city to attain, through the personal perspective of the dance company R.E.A Danza, the current forms of tango: the manner in which it has survived by transforming itself through movement in the course of the last one hundred years. Thus old forms (gallo ciego, amurado) are followed by modern (escualo, michelangelo 70) and original (contra-bando, duelo and malambo) forms of tango.

The company R.E.A. Danza, currently established in Spain, was founded in Argentina more than 25 years ago. Its choreographic creations, which have been performed with figures such as Alberto Merlo, Imperio Argentina, Julio Boca, Julio Iglesias and Ángel Corella, are characterised by a very personal, innovative and elegant vision, very refined staging and an exquisite selection of music.

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