Fr4 20.00 h sep  Plaza de la Merced
El Espejo Negro

Sa5 22.00 h sep  Teatro Cervantes main facade  WORLD PREMIERE
ÆTHÊR. De la oscuridad a la luz
R.E.A Danza

Su6 20.00 h sep  Plaza de la Marina

[The Goat]
El Espejo Negro
Author, script and director Angel Calvente
Flamenco cante consultants Adelfa Calvo / Inma ‘La Bruja’
Handing, singers and stunts Angel Calvente, Ana Franco, Carmen Ledesma, Susana Almahano and Loli Arrabal
50 min. (w/out intermission) puppets for adults

A troupe of gypsy puppeteers suddenly show up in the midst of a crowd, clapping hands to their music, all of them full of art and masters of “im-pertinence”.
Live and recorded music, flamenco and disco, and real zapateado [foot-stomping] by ‘La Cabra’ and the family grandmother, a true dancer of foam rubber, glue and felt in a unique group of flamenco singers and dancers. The puppets will test the family’s patience and imagination, surprising the audience and provoking its admiration. A perfect blend of artistic disciplines, actors and puppets for a few coins, whatever you want to give.

Created in 1989 in Malaga by the Andalusian author Ángel Calvente, El Espejo Negro is a unique theatre company considered the creator of a new, very special style of puppet theatre.  Its shows are provocative, innovative and technically perfect. The company has participated in programmes and festivals in Europe, America and Asia, being acclaimed by spectators and critics alike. Its multiple prizes include two MAX awards.

[Aether. From darkness to light]
ÆTHÊR. De la oscuridad a la luz  WORLD PREMIERE
R.E.A Danza
Dancers Mercedes Angel, Esther Medina, Nacho Fortes, Jupa Arias and Diego Arias
Live music
Viii Funem
Luz Prado violin and electronics
Juan Baca double bass and electronics
Idea, choreography and direction Jupa and Diego Arias
Original music Luz Prado and Juan Baca
45 min (w/out intermission)  vertical dance

At the beginning there was Chaos, from who Erebus, the Dark, and Nyx, the black Night, were born. Following a romantic encounter between Nyx, encouraged by Eros, and her brother Erebus, Nyx gave birth to Aether and Day (Hemera). Thus light was born from darkness. Aether, purer and more brilliant than air, lived above the sky, where winds blow under the firmament. Given her proximity to the Sun god, she is the symbol of brightness and brilliance. “Dance and music share space far from the ground. Elevating us above the façade of Teatro Cervantes, they will transport us to the origins of thought and myths.”  

The choreographer and dancer Diego Arias created R.E.A Danza in 1991 with the objective of showing the expressions of Argentina, his home country, in a different manner. Following 29 years of research and experimentation, this company from Malaga maintains its roots, producing its own special language that merges different techniques (classical ballet, modern dance, acrobatics, etc.) with other artistic forms (music, plastic arts, sculpture, poetry and film). Their creations are presented in traditional venues, and in natural and urban settings as well.

Original idea Rolabola Compañía de Circo
Artists Alfonso de la Pola, Ruben Barroso “Mini”, Maria Muñoz, Juan Antonio Parra Zurita and Iñaki Erdocia
Musical creation Juan Antonio Parra Zurita
Artistic direction Miner Montell
55 min (w/out intermission) Cirque and concert. For all ages

2017 National Circus Award

When your spirits are low, when apathy takes over, when we are punished by life…circus and rock music are the solution. Rock Cirk is a circus show embellished with electric guitar notes, outlandish drum rolls, awkward flights, exaggerated balance and flowing hair that unfolds in a peculiar autonomous aerial structure. A dynamic, fresh and entertaining mixture of pure, classical and amusing circus and rock music.

Rolabola was founded in Malaga 23 years ago with the objective of renovating and updating the world of circus. It offers contemporary shows that bring together different circus disciplines, eccentric characters, circus and rock music. Having produced several shows and with more than a thousand performances, Rolabola has travelled all over Spain and part of Europe, bringing the magic of circus to children.

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