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Cia. Luisa Palicio
Flamenco dancers Luisa Palicio and Alejandro Rodriguez
Flamenco singers Javier Rivera and Ana Gomez
Guitar Jesus Rodriguez
Piano Alejandro Cruz Benavides
Percussion David Rodriguez ‘Chupete’
Music Alejandro Cruz Benavides, Jesús Rodríguez and David ‘Chupete’
Artistic and musical direction Alejandro Cruz Benavides
Produced by Fundación Cristina Heeren and Junta de Andalucia

1.15 h (w/out intermission)

photo ©Felix Vazquez

How is it possible that something we cannot see, feel or touch be the most precious treasure in our life?
Ethereal, inaccessible to our senses, but capable of shaking up your whole world with a single  bang and change everything without being able to stop it.
Time is the measure of eternity because it has no end, but it disappears much too quickly when we are having a good time.
But… what is it that a watch really measures?

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