BROUKAR & Derviches giróvagos de Siria


BROUKAR & Derviches giróvagos de Siria

[Broukar & Syrian whirling dervishes]

Taoufik Mirkhan qanun
Bayan Rida oud and voz
Tammam Mohamad Alramadan nai
George Oro percussion
Hivron Mirkhan arabic violin
Ahmad Rifai Hambrouch whirling dervishe
Hatem Aljamal whirling dervishe

1.15 h (w/out intermisson)

photo ©Hopig Khachadourian

Broukar (‘brocade’) was founded in 2007 in Damascus, the capital of Syria, by seven artists, including two dancing dervishes seeking to foment a renaissance of Middle Eastern musical heritage with all of its colours and nuances. Their compositions are based on maqam (Arab melodic system); however, their repertory also includes classical, neoclassical and popular music.
Sufi chants stem from the mystic dimension of Islam as a form of life rather than a doctrine, and is directly associated with the dance of the dervishes. Revolving endlessly (sometimes for hours) on their feet with the palm of their right hand raised above them (the infinite) and the left palm looking downwards (the earth), a dervish (“he who looks for the doors”) enters into a trance of spiritual ecstasy and union with divinity.

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