Choreography Mattia Russo and Antonio de Rosa in collaboration with the performers 
Dramaturgy Maria Velasco
Music J.S. Bach and AA.VV.
Performers Astrid Bramming, Antonio de Rosa, Agnès López-Río, Alejandro Moya,
Giulia Russo and Mattia Russo
Actor Alberto Tierrez
Direction Mattia Russo and Antonio de Rosa

1.00 h (w/out intermission)  Contemporary dance

Photo ©María Alperi

Produced by KOR'SIA with the support of Auditorium Parco della Musica (Roma) and Comunidad de Madrid.
It has been possible with the collaboration of INJUVE, Centro Danza Canal, Compañía Nacional de Danza,
Naves Matadero, Accademia Nazionale di Danza Istituto di Alta Cultura di Roma,
Consevatorio Superior de Danza María de Ávila, Istituto Italiano di Cultura de Madrid.

“… and I woke up with a start, as if I were facing a sudden and perverse hazard, as if in the darkness I had touched the icy skin of a reptile.” Informe sobre ciegos, Ernesto Sábato

Are we blind? The Lamb is based on the miraculous recovery of eyesight, immersing us, however, in a blinding experience in which it is difficult to distinguish between heaven, purgatory and hell. In turn, they merge with a brothel where flaming bodies celebrate strange rituals in which the roles of victim and tormentor are interchangeable. In this world, in order to wake up you have to close your eyes a second time.    

Mattia Russo and Antonio de Rosa, former dancers of the National Dance Company and winners of the 2016 Positano Award, are the founders of this resident company of the Centro Danza Canal in Madrid since 2017

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