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Jeon Misook Dance Company
Choreography Jeon Misook 
Music Kim Jaeduk
Performers Lim Setbyeol, Yoon Nara, Kim Sunghyeon, Shin Hoyoung, Lee Joohee, Han Yoonjoo, Song Seunguk, Bae Hyunwoo, Choi Seungmin and Lee Jeongeun  
Direction Kim Dongkyu

1.20 h (w/out intermission)  Contemporary Dance
Photo ©Gunu Kim
Collaboration with Korean Contemporary Dance Festival
Organized by Centro Cultural Coreano

Is “inclining oneself” simply a gesture of welcome or does it have a deeper meaning? Reverences, which are generalised in oriental cultures, are acts full of beauty that express courtesy and respect. Inclining oneself is also a reflection of hierarchy, the degree of inclination depending on social position. In an exercise of deconstruction, the dancers repeat the ritual, which becomes a heavy burden, thus questioning its purpose, something that is intolerable in East Asia. 

Jeon Misook is one of Korea's most prominent choreographers. She is professor of dance at the National University of the Arts of Korea since 1998, year in which she also created her own company. Her work has been acclaimed for its elaborate structure and composition, its thematic and yet delicate treatment of matter, her exquisite musicality and the logical alliance between theme and movement. 

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