Compañía de Danza Fernando Hurtado
[Someone will come to get us]
Choreographer and performer Fernando Hurtado and Inma Montalvo
Music Javier Díaz, Larchetti, Shostakovich, Bellini, Kroke, Górecki
Direction Fernando Hurtado

50 min (w/out intermission)  Contemporary dance

Photo ©Lucia Muñoz

“We come into this world alone, and in spite of the companions we come across, we never cease to be “alone”. We are always searching for a place, a space and company that makes the passage through life a little easier. Everything....and nothing... is important...; everything...and of use; we are...and we are not... alone; I can…and cannot…wait; my beliefs are ...and are not...useful. Perhaps Alguien vendrá a buscarnos aims to make us aware of our attitude regarding everything that happens to us, yet reminding us that… we cannot stop listening to silence.”  Fernando Hurtado

Fernando Hurtado has had his own company for two decades. His fertile creativity has enabled him to create a large number of shows of great quality that are acclaimed by the national and international dance world.

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