Tu7 November to Th14 December, 19.00 h.
III ciclo ANVERSO/REVERSO_Gloria Fuertes
3rd OBVERSE/REVERSE Series_Gloria Fuertes
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The Anverso/Reverso [Obverse/Reverse] series was created in 2016 as part of the year’s events commemorating Cervantes and Shakespeare, with the idea of reviewing the contemporary aspects of their work through a series of monologues written by well-known authors from different artistic backgrounds with the objective of giving new meaning to a work of reference. This third edition will revolve around Gloria Fuertes the person and her work on occasion of the first centenary of her birth, of her relationship with our city and the transcendence of her legacy.  

7 / 8 / 9 November
Esto no es un monólogo, es una mujer
[This is not a monologue, it’s a woman]
Author Ángelo Néstore
Performer Susana Vergara
This monologue uses metafiction to offer a harsh and ironic reflection on the transcendence of Gloria Fuertes the person and her work. It seems that publishers have waited until the first centenary of Gloria Fuerte’s birth to bring her work to the forefront of publishing activity. This explains why the author of this monologue scrutinizes current society with irony, whilst incorporating to the stage a discourse of defense of feminism.
Encounter of the author and the performer, Tuesday 7 November

21 / 22 / 23 November  **CANCELLED** 
Gloria de guardia
[Gloria on duty]  
Author Eskarnia 
Performer Tania Mercader
This frenetic monologue places Gloria Fuertes in a symbolic battlefield face to face with her unique creativity, a society in which she does not fit, a disruptive family context, her life and her ideas. It recovers the main features of her poetic art and confronts them with reality.
Encounter of the author and performer, Tuesday 21 November

12 / 13 / 14 December
Author Paloma Porpetta (Director of the Foundation Gloria Fuertes)
Performer Ana Iglesias Cumpián
This piece takes spectators to Gloria Fuertes’ childhood solitude, that real childhood marked by poverty and the war. But it also takes them to that other fictional place that Gloria built thanks to her incendiary imagination and singular personality. Her verses, her play with words and ideas, and her melancholy appear as the trademarks of a monologue which reveal the most human side of this legendary figure of our country’s recent history.  

Encounter of the author and the performer, Tuesday 12 December

Length 20 min. each monologue (without intermission)

We31 January, 19.00 h.
Presentation of the book-record ESPEJO capricho escénico
|Tickets on invitation on a first come first serve basis available at the box office starting the day before the event. (2 per person).|

The book-record ESPEJO capricho escénico is the result of the dramaturgy and musical compositions for the show ESPEJO capricho escénico by the company BUM creaciones, under the direction of Javier Viana.
Words and music that sprout, together with the rumour of water, piano and literature, from fertile soil amongst the roots of secular tradition as food for the soul.
The diversity of languages used with great skill by Federico Garcia Lorca is reflected in the dramaturgical text, which provides a luminous vision of the poet displayed with the sensitivity of a musician, of a man of theatre concerned with words and related research, aware of their importance and social effectiveness.
These are the different elements that inspire the vocals, piano and percussion in ESPEJO.
The actress and singer Nerea Cordero and the actor and percussionist Javier Viana, accompanied by the pianist Javier Galiana, interpret fields of words and music inspired by Lorca.

Approximate running time 25 minutes.