Th10 May to Th24 May, 18.30 h.
|Tickets by invitation available at the Teatro Cervantes box office starting the day before the event. (2 per person / Capacity 40 seats).|

Coordinated and directed by Paco Bernal and Fernando Jiménez
(In memoriam of Nacho Albert)

Russian theatre is much more than Chekov and  Gogol. The independent circuit in Russia assumes risks, shunning the comfortable field of classic theatre to deal with the social problems of the 21st century.  These are new, young voices without any hang-ups, interested in foreign theatre, aware that they are writing from a specific reality and with much greater freedom than that of film or literature.  
In a much more interconnected world than their parents’, the subjects that these young authors focus on find an echo in other non-Slavic audiences. This new current has been baptised ‘new drama’, and it recuperates the combative nature of theatre of the past as the basis of freedom, a resource for many authors whose work in prose or verse was forbidden. Novel theatre, at times irate, which finds inspiration in those authors of the eighties who witnessed the collapse of the Soviet system.  We propose three works by three essential authors in order to understand this ‘new drama’ and the bridge it builds to the 80’s and 90´s of the past century.


Thursday 10 May
ARRANCA Y SIGUE [Get going and continue]
by Nina Sadur
Director Paco Bernal

Actors Antonio Navarro, Luis Centeno and Pepa Acosta

Length 1 hour 
A tramp lies down on the train tracks in the middle of a snow-covered field. The train stops, delaying the unfortunate locomotive engineer’s schedule, who tries to get rid of the tramp. A relationship develops, which is interrupted only by an old lady from the village, looking for her goat.

Nina Sadur graduated in 1983 from the Academy of Literature, having studied in the seminar directed by Rozov, and settled in Moscow. In 1988 theatres started performing her work. Her dazed and dreamlike world, built with pieces of reality, is a bridge between traditional drama and the most audacious experiments.

Thursday 17 May
LOS MONÓLOGOS DE NATASHA [Natasha’s Monologues]
by Yaroslava Pulinóvich
Director Fernando Jiménez
Actors Almudena Puyo and Carmen Esteban
Length 1 hour  
Two short pieces. The first one, “El sueño de Natasha” [Natasha’s Dream], deals with homeless children in the care of institutions, of which only 10% succeed in having a decent life.  The second one,  “He ganado” [I won], focuses on the overprotection of parents who lived through the political changes in their adolescence and have passed on to their children a world view that is much more individualistic and fearful of the outside world, in which the priority is to climb up the social ladder.  

Yaroslava Pulinóvich is perhaps the youngest representative of the ‘new drama’. She graduated from the Ekaterinburg State Theatre Institute and in 2008 won the Debut Award for best play. Natasha’s Monologues is her best known piece.


Thursday 24 May
[Walpurgis Night, or “The Steps of the Commander”]
by Venedikt Yeroféyev
Director Fernando Jiménez
Actors Rocío Rubio, Andrés Suarez, David Mena,
Miguel Zurita and Miguel Guardiola
Length 1 hour 
Gurievich is sent to a hospital for the insane during the symbolic Walpurgis Night, which comes to an end at dawn on May 1st, a major festivity in Russia.  During the medical examination for admission to the hospital, a sadist nurse confronts the new patient, who promises to avenge the humiliation suffered, unleashing complete, ludicrous mayhem.   

Venedikt Yeroféyev, cursed poet and playwright of Communist Russia, whose work is so personal and unusual that it does not fit in the framework of literary creation. His work is a separate chapter, but a chapter that puts an end to an entire era.